Unity in Diversity:  The Way Ahead for Humanity
This book presents a hopeful vision for the future – one that embraces a world at peace in harmony and unity, while each individual quality and approach is welcomed and needed. It concerns the future of all people – and of the Earth itself. Now at a crossroads, Humanity must make a major decision: to create a new civilization where social justice reigns, or continue as we are and cause the end of life on planet Earth. Creme shows that the path forward is realizing our essential unity without sacrificing our equally essential diversity 167pp 

The Gathering of the Forces of Light: UFOs and their Spiritual Mission
Explains how increasing UFO sightings, crop circles, new ‘stars’ and other unexplained phenomena are evidence that the Forces of Light (the World Teacher Maitreya, the Masters of Wisdom, and our Space Brothers and Sisters) are beginning to work openly among us to inspire the complete transformation of our planet. 223pp 

The Ageless Wisdom Teaching
This introduction to humanity’s spiritual legacy covers the major principles: the Divine Plan, source of the teaching, evolution of human consciousness, the Spiritual Hierarchy, energies, the Seven Rays, karma, reincarnation, initiation, and more. 79pp

The Awakening of Humanity
Focuses on the day when Maitreya declares Himself openly as World Teacher for the age of Aquarius. It describes the process of Maitreya’s emergence, the steps leading to the Day of Declaration, and humanity’s anticipated response to this momentous experience. 141pp 

The World Teacher for All Humanity
Provides background on the return of our planetary spiritual Hierarchy and details the descent of Maitreya from His Himalayan retreat in July 1977. It speaks of the enormous changes that His presence has brought about; of His plans and projects, and His priorities and recommendations for the future. 132pp 

Maitreya’s Teachings: The Laws of Life
A unique and diverse collection of insights from Maitreya, the World Teacher, offering straightforward, non-doctrinal answers to some of our most profound questions about the meaning and purpose of life. Also addresses global problems and forecasts future events, demonstrating how the Laws of Cause and Effect work out on a world scale. 258pp 

 Maitreya’s Mission — Vol. I
Presents further developments in the emergence of Maitreya and also covers a wide range of subjects, including: the work and teachings of Maitreya, the externalization of the Masters, life ahead in the New Age, evolution and initiation, meditation and service, the Seven Rays. 420pp 

Maitreya’s Mission — Vol. II
Offers unique information on such subjects as meditation, growth of consciousness, psychology, health, the environment, world service, miraculous phenomena and science and technology in the New Age. Also updates the process of Maitreya’s public emergence. 753pp 

Maitreya’s Mission — Vol. III
A chronicle of the next millennium. Political, economic and social structures that will guarantee the necessities of life for all people. New ways of thinking that will reveal the mysteries of the universe and release our divine potential—all guided and inspired by Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom. This new edition includes a compilation of ray structures and points of evolution of more than 1,400 initiates throughout history.

Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age
Transmission Meditation, introduced to the world by a Master of Wisdom through Benjamin Creme, is a dynamic process which serves both the world and the individuals involved. Groups ‘step down’ powerful spiritual energies directed through them by the Masters of the spiritual Hierarchy, thus creating a ‘pool’ of energy which benefits all planetary life. 212pp 

The Art of Living: Living Within the Laws of Life
An in-depth look at the four great Laws of Life which, if followed, will make our lives into the “works of art” they are meant to be. Also included are new perspectives on the nature of matter vs spirit, and practical how-to’s to achieve the perfection we all seek.

Messages from Maitreya, the Christ
During the years prior to His emergence, Maitreya gave 140 messages through Benjamin Creme during public lectures. The method used was mental overshadowing and the telepathic rapport thus set up. The messages inspire readers to spread the news of His reappearance and to work urgently for the rescue of millions suffering from poverty and starvation in a world of plenty. 286pp 

The Reappearance of the Christ & the Masters of Wisdom
Benjamin Creme’s first book revealed that Maitreya—the Christ and World Teacher for the coming age—is already among us. Includes: the effect of the reappearance on the world’s institutions, the anti-christ and forces of evil, the soul and reincarnation, telepathy, nuclear energy, ancient civilizations, the problems of the developing world and the new economic order. 287pp

A Master Speaks
Collected from Share International magazine, these 223 articles from a Master of Wisdom contain a wealth of inspiration, wisdom, and practical information relevant to a world in turmoil. Titles include: Health and healing, Life in the New Age, Human rights, Sharing for peace, The problem of AIDS, The new education, The promise of the future, The end of hunger, Rise of people power, The luminous age ahead, The requirements of change.

The Great Approach: New Light and Life for Humanity
Addresses the problems of our chaotic world and its gradual change under the influence of the Masters of Wisdom, who are returning openly to the world for the first time in 98,000 years. An extraordinary synthesis of knowledge, it throws a searchlight on the future and reveals amazing scientific discoveries which lie ahead. 320pp 

The Art of Co-operation
Examines the root cause of our world crisis: the glamour, or psychological ‘fog’, that hides the reality of our oneness and produces pain and suffering at all levels. Overcoming glamour is therefore seen as the key to realizing unity, the true relationship of all life in the universe. Co-operation—rather than competition—follows naturally, and is the only foundation for a just and peaceful world. 235pp

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