The One Who Knocks

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The One Who Knocks
There comes a time in the life of every nation when a period of soul-searching must take place; when the ideals enshrined in its constitution, written or not, must be looked at again in the light of actual achievement, and a reassessment of that achievement made.

When this is done with honesty and candour, a new and sobering realism will replace the present self-congratulation in which the leaders of many nations indulge, hoping thereby to maintain their faltering grip on the lives of their peoples.

Their time is all but over. Events shortly to occur will redistribute the power of governments and emancipate the people. The sham democracy of today will give way to true participation, and open a new chapter in man’s long quest for justice and freedom.

Even as these words are being written a plan is being set in motion which will speed this process and bring joy to the pain-wracked hearts of millions. Patiently they wait, the unexpectant poor: herded like cattle in the parched and pitiless desert; homeless and workless in the proud cities of the world; farming barren rock in the high plateaux. They await deliverance which now knocks upon the door. Soon they will see their deliverer; many have already done so and live but to see His face again.


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