UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission (Part 2)

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UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission (Part 2)
In this month’s programme we have part two of our mini-series on UFOs, Crop Circles and our Space Brothers. We start with George Adamski’s book Inside the Space Ships, first published in 1956, about events that happened in 1953. As an introduction, a reader of Share International magazine sent in this question:

I recently read a wonderfully informative and inspiring book by George Adamski called Inside the Space Ships. His description of the love, wisdom and superior intelligence of the Space Brothers is chastening; their ability to live in harmony with Universal Principles, with a sense of the Divine in all beings and in all objective life is thrilling. My question however: Is some of his information (perhaps only in some details) imagined?

Benjamin Creme replies: No, it is all Adamski’s direct experience inside one of the Motherships. The only thing he omitted to say (he was probably unaware of the fact) was that he was out of the body during the whole experience. These space-ships and their crews are essentially of etheric physical rather than dense physical matter. The crews can lower the vibrational rate to come within our vision threshold but only on a temporary basis. The particular Mothership in George Adamski’s account was Venusian, manned by Masters from Venus, but was actually made on Mars.

Gerard Aartsen, in an article published in Share International about Adamski, writes… Of all the claims of people having met occupants of flying saucers in the wake of Adamski’s story, one stands out for its curious details. Having become the centre of attention for the local media and the British UFO community after reporting a UFO sighting on the 7th June 1965 near Scoriton, Devon, UK, Ernest Arthur Bryant confessed to investigators that he had already met three “Beings from Space” on the 24th of April that year, who also gave him a conducted tour of their craft.

Mr Bryant further revealed that one of the three had said “My name is Yamski” or something that sounded very similar, while also speaking of a ‘Des’ or ‘Les’. The background and details of this incredible story were described in the book, The Scoriton Mystery – Did Adamski Return?, which further gained in significance when it was found that Mr Bryant had had no prior interest in the UFO phenomenon and had not heard of George Adamski before his experience.

Another remarkable encounter in the same vein was described by Giorgio Dibitonto in his book Angels in Starships, first published in Italian in 1983. In it he describes how, in April 1980, he saw visions of a beautiful young man who directed him to drive into the hills around Genova. He was led into a clearing in a wooded valley where he saw a UFO that had landed and was contacted by the occupants.

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