Health and Healing

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Health and Healing
Today our programme touches on the vast subject of Health and Healing. We’re not going to tell you to do this or don’t do that, instead we’ve found articles which help us look at the causes and effects of our choices.

First up is a compelling review by Betsy Whitfill of the book: “Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth” by Tommy Rosa and Stephen Sinatra, MD. This is sourced from the May 2016 issue of Share International Magazine and begins…

As plumber Tommy Rosa stepped off the curb one night in his Bronx, New York neighbourhood in March 1999, a car mowed him down and sped off into the night. Only Carlos, from the store across the street, heard the noise and looked out to see a diaphanous, bright white form rise out of a dark mass lying in the street. He called for emergency help.

Doctors put Tommy’s body on life-support at the local hospital where he lay in a lengthy coma. During that time, Tommy says he “went to Heaven” where his Teacher taught him truths that could restore health and happiness to those who implement them.

After Tommy returned to his body, his long recovery included meeting a New York City cardiologist and psychotherapist, Dr Stephen Sinatra, who had a deep interest in the near-death experiences he had been cataloging in his 40-year practice.

This book is the product of their collaboration. Tommy’s revelations coincide with truths that Dr Sinatra’s medical experience has revealed that by transforming our attitudes, relationships and habits, we can heal our bodies, abolish our fear of death, and live joyfully.

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