The Bible and Major Initiations

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The Bible and Major Initiations
Today we’ll be reading extracts from Howard Ray Carey’s book  “The Joy of Christ’s Coming – From Traditional Religion to Ancient Wisdom.” The late Reverend Carey begins by saying…

Since many of us have a background in Christian teaching from the Bible, I have been encouraged to write on biblical teaching as it relates to the five great initiations leading to Mastership. What I am proposing to do is to show how the Bible, and especially the gospel accounts, point – often in a veiled manner – to these great initiatory experiences.

Briefly, the stories of the birth of Christ at Bethlehem symbolize the first initiation. The baptism at the river Jordan symbolizes the second great initiation, which is baptism into greater responsibility with higher consciousness. The transfiguration on the mountain top points to the third initiation, when our whole personality or lower nature is to be under the control or direction of the Soul or higher nature.

The trial at Jerusalem, culminating in the crucifixion, symbolizes the fourth initiation, often called the Great Renunciation. The resurrection from the tomb beautifully portrays the fifth initiation, completing the long process of transition from the fourth – or human kingdom – to the fifth, which Jesus called the Kingdom of God or of Heaven, making the initiate a Master of Wisdom, or a ‘full grown man in Christ’, as the Bible puts it.

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