Utopian Thinking

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Utopian Thinking
Today we present a slightly shortened version of a two part article sourced from December and January’s Share International magazines. It’s titled “A blueprint for the future – Utopian thinking” by Corné Quartel, a Share-International co-worker based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It begins:
Why is utopian thinking so often met with scepticism? Our present political, economic and social systems are failing to address the growing inequality, the abject poverty in a world of plenty. It is safe to say that utopian thinking is not just an idealistic fantasy but perhaps vital in redefining our future – a future that sparks feelings of positive anticipation, as opposed to the worrying and stressful reality portrayed by mainstream media.

Utopian thinking is not science fiction either, which can be entertaining but very often just shows a dystopian continuation of present day monotony and raw ugliness, a materialistic world view in which human values and humanity’s moral development is far surpassed by technology – visions that bind us to an unsustainable and unliveable future.

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