A Master Speaks & People Power

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A Master Speaks & People Power
Readers of Share International will be glad to know that the much anticipated companion volume to A Master Speaks has just been published. A Master Speaks – Volume Two contains articles dictated by Benjamin Creme’s Master and published in Share International magazine from January 2004 to May 2016.

Long in the making, it was planned with Benjamin Creme’s co-operation and approval. As a disciple of one of the Masters of Wisdom Who guide humanity’s evolution, Benjamin Creme received these inspiring articles by mental telepathy. A highlight of the magazine, the articles were published almost monthly from the time Share International was launched with Benjamin Creme as founding editor in 1982.

…The purpose of these articles is, in the Master’s own words,  “to present to the readers of this magazine a picture of the life ahead, to inspire a happy and positive approach to that future and to equip them with the tools of knowledge to deal correctly with the problems which daily arise upon the way. From My vantage point of experience and insight, I have sought to act as ‘look-out’ and guard, to warn of approaching danger, and to enable you, the reader, to act with courage and conviction in service to the Plan.”


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