Beauty and Art

36) Beauty and Art

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Beauty and Art
Today we have two articles sourced from previous editions of Share International magazine on the subject of Beauty and Art. They are both written by Corné Quartel (an artist and Share International co-worker based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands).  This first one featured in the July/August 2018 double issue.  Titled “Considering beauty”, it begins…

“Why do two colours, put one next to the other, sing?  Can one really explain this?” said Picasso.  Usually, we do not ask ourselves what the birds are singing, or why we love flowers.  We just listen, look, smell and enjoy the experience.  However, without rationalizing, something can be said about beauty and its various expressions – the inner beauty of a person, a formula that uncovers some law of nature, or nature itself.  ‘Feeling’, used together with our minds, can provide insight into what beauty is, how we experience it and its significance for the individual, society and planet.

George Adamski said, in his discourse on telepathy, that ‘feeling’ is the higher aspect of the sense ‘touch’, that it integrates the other senses and can be considered the sixth sense, supporting the supposition that it is the feeling channel that registers meaning and beauty and that the sensory forms of expression (seeing, hearing, etc.) are merely the carriers or means.

What is it that people look for in beauty?  Experiencing beauty, very similar to experiencing nature, gratitude, or love, resonates with an inner reality.  It makes us feel we are part of something greater and acknowledges that we are interconnected.  Artists and scientists will affirm they are searching for a reality that is hidden behind the facade of everyday events: a deeper truth, or a higher order, harmony and unity that is the foundation of all creation.  

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