UFOs and their Spiritual Mission

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UFOs and their Spiritual Mission
Today we’re going to allay any fears you may have of UFOs and their occupants by featuring segments from Benjamin Creme’s book published in 2011, entitled “The Gathering of the Forces of Light – UFOs and their Spiritual Mission.” All of the following information was sourced from this book.

This is from the preface written by Mr Creme: For centuries, governments have been known to have kept much information (usually embarrassing) from their peoples, thereby consolidating their power to rule. Nevertheless, is it not surprising that for over 60 years, modern governments, aided and abetted by a cynical media, have, more or less successfully, kept from the public their certain knowledge of the reality of UFOs and the fact of their peaceful activity?

Moreover, some governments have been guilty of denigrating the inhabitants of these ‘non-existent’ craft, have named them ‘aliens’, and accused them of all manner of atrocities against men and women of Earth.

The reasons for this dishonest and undemocratic behaviour are discussed in this book, and the close collaboration existing between the ‘people of the UFOs’ (our Space Brothers) and the members of our own Spiritual Hierarchy is made clear for the first time.


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