Humanity’s Free Will

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Humanity’s Free Will
Our programme today is based on articles regarding humanity’s free will. After all, as Maitreya has said in His message number 31 – “Nothing happens by itself. Man must act and implement his will.” So we’ll start with the Master’s article as dictated to Benjamin Creme titled: “The New Time for men”. It originally featured in the April 2001 issue of Share International magazine and begins…

With every day that passes, mankind is being shown the calamities which occur from the misuse of free will. Divine free will is man’s greatest treasure, but only when it is used in accordance with the Plan of the Logos is it lawful and right. Man has travelled far from that understanding and so reaps the whirlwind of his wrong thought and action.

Thus it is that millions suffer needlessly in the midst of plenty, wanting the means that others take for granted as their birthright. Not for much longer can man support this separation; the Law demands a sustaining balance and, finding it not, acts to adjust and reconcile. Moreover, the new energies of Synthesis demand expression more and more, and daily ease mankind towards that goal. Men everywhere find the rising tension difficult to bear and flounder wildly in the resulting chaos.

From deep within themselves men sense that the way to the future lies through change but see not yet the outlines of the Path. They await a sign that their needs are known and will be met but trust not the profusion of signs which everywhere announce the presence of that succour. They hope and fear at once and reject the possibility of that for which they yearn. So has it always been.

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