The Gathering of the Forces of Light

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The Gathering of the Forces of Light
The Gathering of the Forces of Light: UFOs and their Spiritual Mission
– by Benjamin Creme is an invaluable document for those seeking information about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of UFO activity, which has become so apparent lately. Are any of them real? If so, which ones? Why are they here? Why don’t we see them all the time? What do the space people look like?
This fascinating book holds the answers to these and many more questions about the space people and their spaceships, providing specific information not found elsewhere. The Gathering of the Forces of Light is also the definitive book for those who have been seeking compelling information on more effective approaches to education, including the parenting of children.
It opens with Benjamin Creme’s Preface wherein he explains the basic contents of the book: Part One about the Space Brothers and their UFOs, and Part Two about ‘Education in the New Age’. Then he presents an article, ‘The Time of Revelation’, written for Share International magazine through Benjamin Creme by his Master, one of the 63 Masters of Wisdom who make up Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy.
Benjamin Creme is in constant touch with this Master. It is this communication link with his Master as well as Creme’s own extensive personal experiences that source the information in the book. This book is not mere conjecture and theory about UFOs and life on other planets, it overflows with facts, certainty and detail as the author weaves his story of our space visitors and their mission of mercy – a spiritual mission.
This book review by Dick Larson features in
Share International magazine September 2013
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