Share International Magazine (Part 1)

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Share International Magazine (Part 1)
A spiritual show about the Emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher.
We are part of the volunteer network of Share International dedicated to spreading the information about the presence in the world of Maitreya the World Teacher and a group of highly evolved men who are called the Masters of Wisdom. With Maitreya at their head these ‘Elder Brothers’ are returning to the everyday world at these challenging times to help, inspire, teach and guide humanity to create a new era of Sharing, Right Relationship, Justice and Peace for all people.

The topics we cover are first and foremost the gradual emergence of Maitreya onto the world stage along with his priorities and teachings, focussing on the radical changes and action needed, particularly in the economic, political and social arenas. We share the signs and miracles that herald this event, including Star Sightings, Crosses of Light, Maitreya’s Hand, Healing Waters and many other indications that inform us that something momentous is afoot.

2023 Radio Podcasts
Tell Me More
Share International Magazine (Part 2)
Share International Magazine (Part 1)
Maitreya’s Emergence
Degrowth – answer to climate collapse
Climate Change
The Maitreya Story
Who is Maitreya?
Benjamin Creme

2022 Radio Podcasts
The Emergence of Maitreya (Part 2)
The Emergence of Maitreya (Part 1)
Potluck Radio
Resisting Corruption
The Breakdown of Civilization
The Promise of the Future
Maitreya’s Message No. 11
The Age of Aquarius
The Need for Harmlessness
The Mysteries of Right Relationships
Share International Magazine
Humanity’s Critical Choice
The Law of Karma
Death and Good News
Potluck Podcast
Oligarchy and Hierarchy
Maitreya – Let’s Make It Personal
Humanity Know Thy Rays
The Background Story – A Slice of Esotericism
The Curse of Commercialization
Prayers and Practices – Keeping Ourselves Sane

2021 Radio Podcasts
The Myths and the Movements
Maitreya Qs and As
Finding the Soul – Healing the Earth
Glamours and the Emergence
The Art of Co-operation
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Hierarchy vs Oligarchy
The Laws of Life (Part 2)
The Laws of Life (Part 1)
Overcoming the Overwhelm
Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
Karma: Some Insights
The Art of Co-operation
Love is the Answer to Fear
Education and the Soul
Life Is Education – Education Is Life
Our Space Brothers and Sisters
After the Day of Declaration
Day of Declaration
Harmony out of Chaos
Spirituality in Action
Emergence in Action
Justice and Peace
Sharing and Trust

2020 Radio Podcasts
Agents of Change
The Joy of Christ’s Coming
Snapshots of Positive Change
Good News from Share International magazine
Overcoming of Fear
Fearlessness Driving Change
Thoughts On Maitreya’s Emergence
Young Voices New Ideas
Good News On Planet Earth
Gathering of the Forces of Light
Predictions and Trends
The New Group of World Servers
What On Earth Is Happening?
Astral Turmoil in the Time of Covid
Maitreya’s Task
Practising for the Future  
Who Else? Part 2
Who Else? Part 1
Angels and Fake News
Messages from Maitreya
Living in the Time of an Avatar
Messages of Hope
A New Year A New Era

2019 Radio Podcasts
Wrapping Up 2019 – What Did You See?   
An Esoteric Christmas
Something Old Something New
Benjamin Creme – A Modern Day Oracle
War – What Is It Good For
Labour of Love – Politics and People
Changing Attitudes – Death Dying Rebirth
Maitreya – Questions and Answers   
People Power and Global Resistance  
The Way Forward Is Sharing
Responding to Gambling Gestures  
The Breaking Down of Civilization  
The Necessity for Change
The Voice of the People: Youth at the Helm
Maitreya’s Teachings 4: What’s in it for me? 
Maitreya’s Teachings 3: What’s in it for me?  
Maitreya’s Teachings 2: What’s in it for me?
Maitreya’s Teachings 1: What’s in it for me?
Maitreya’s Mission 
Point of Evolution
A World Without War 
A New Beginning   
After the Day of Days 
The Day of Declaration
Reincarnation and Karma
Death: The Great Adventure

Recommended books:
The World Teacher for All Humanity
The Awakening of Humanity

More information:  Share International