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World Teacher

John and Bernice O’Donnell were the original programme makers for the monthly “World Teacher” slot which started around 1983 or 1984. They were loaned a book titled  The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom  This book, by Benjamin Creme profoundly affected them, stating as it did, the momentous information of the return to the world of Maitreya and His group of Masters. With this knowledge came the certainty that the public must be informed, but how? And in that need was the genesis of the “World Teacher” programme. Teresa and David Johnston are the current presenters of the “World Teacher” programme, which airs every four weeks on Saturday at 10am  Wellington Access Radio 106.1FM 
Listen Radio Podcasts 2017:
Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth 
Transmission Meditation 
Maitreya’s Priorities and Teachings
The World Teacher for All Humanity
He Walked The Americas
Apollonius of Tyana
Jesus and His Times
A Master Speaks & People Power
Reviewing Benjamin Creme’s Books
Spirituality & Life in the New Age  
The Art of Living 
UFOs and their Spiritual Mission
The One Who Knocks

Recommended books:
The World Teacher for All Humanity
The Awakening of Humanity

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