The Growth of Consciousness

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The Growth of Consciousness
The subject of our programme today is The Growth of Consciousness as explained by Benjamin Creme during the 1992 Transmission Meditation Conferences in San Francisco, USA, and Kerkrade, The Netherlands. We start with the introduction to the subject sourced from the January/February 1993 double issue of Share International magazine.

Throughout the world, there is a growing understanding that humanity is undergoing a profound change in consciousness. This reflects itself in many ways, not least in the efforts being made to explore the nature of consciousness itself, to investigate the connection between consciousness, mind, and brain, and to study the effect that these three, singly or in unison, may have on matter and the natural world.

The old, mechanistic views of nature and of the forces at work within her are fast disappearing and a new awareness is dawning of the unity underlying all manifestation. More and more, the concept that all is energy, that energy and matter are different states of one reality and can be affected by thought, is being accepted on a wide scale and is changing men’s view of life.

Enlightenment is growing apace and soon the methods and technology will be found to demonstrate this fact. This is of profound significance for the future evolution of the race.

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