Our Free Will

41) Our Free Will

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Our Free Will
We start our programme today with an interesting question, and Benjamin Creme’s answer, about the Hierarchy of the Masters of Wisdom and how that relates to democracy. It appeared in Share International magazine in March 1978 and was also featured in Benjamin Creme’s first book…
The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom

The questioner says: A lot of countries today want to practice democracy. How will they take to a Hierarchy? Benjamin Creme’s answer is as follows:

I have found, especially among the young and politically attuned, democratically oriented, young people today, a great resistance to the idea of hierarchy. There is quite a resistance to the idea of the Masters of the Wisdom because of the word hierarchy. Even to the word ‘Master’. Of course the word Master, and the word Hierarchy, do not denote any kind of authority, and what the young today resent very much is authority.

They are born into the world with the ideas of freedom, equality, and brotherhood. This is right, this is what Hierarchy teaches, and this is what the Christ will teach; but Hierarchy is a fact in nature. It is perfectly possible to believe in, and demonstrate your belief in equality, brotherhood, and liberty, and at the same time to recognise yourself and all others as being at some point on a ladder of evolution.

We are all equal under God, but taking part in a long and apparently endless evolutionary journey. We are all of us at some point on that journey. Some are ahead and some have still very far to go. The Masters have completed the journey. They are at the top of the ladder. They stand at the top and They bend down and hold Their hand out to give the next one a hoist up. And he puts his hand down and gives the one below him a hoist up. And so on, down and down the ladder until you get to the least evolved.

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