Justice and Human Rights

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Justice and Human Rights
Justice and injustice take many forms. When Maitreya and the Masters, Benjamin Creme and the editorial staff of Share International talk about the need for justice, what is referred to is that state of fair and equitable acknowledgement and implementation of the equal rights of all. It is the equality which guarantees that the rights and needs of all seven billion of us are respected and implemented. Justice must form the basis of all international relations so that trust can grow in the international community and create the conditions which makes permanent peace possible.

Justice should pertain equally within each country so that the injustice of a small minority hoarding and claiming all resources, while the majority are hungry, or struggle to get by, is banished.

The lack of justice in international relations at present, where a huge number of nations and cultures are deemed inferior, breeds resentment and is the cause of violent acts against the powerful. Justice and sharing are inextricably connected – the one cannot exist without the other. Both recognise the equal rights of all and in doing so recognise the essential interdependence – the oneness – of humanity.

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