Apollonius of Tyana

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Apollonius of Tyana
Last month we broadcast an article by Bette Stockbauer entitled “Jesus and His Times” that described the social, political and economic conditions that Jesus had to contend with in His mission 2000 years ago.

This month we gratefully turn to our co-worker Bette Stockbauer again as she describes the next stage of Jesus’ life as Apollonius of Tyana.  This article is sourced from the April 1995 edition of Share International magazine.  It begins with an introduction by Peter Liefhebber –  another co-worker.

“The Disciple Jesus (24 BC to 9 AD), who is now the Master Jesus, was born in Palestine as a third-degree initiate.  When He went out of incarnation at the Crucifixion, Jesus was a fourth-degree initiate.  In His next incarnation, as Apollonius of Tyana (16 AD to circa 97 AD), He became a Master (a fifth-degree initiate).  He died in India.

“The Master Jesus … reached His state of perfection in the course of His next life as Apollonius of Tyana.  Many of those who followed Him during His life as Jesus were still alive during this subsequent incarnation — and many of them became convinced that Jesus had reappeared in their midst.

It was Apollonius who undertook a journey to India, and this became the basis for the story, which many believe, that Jesus did not die on the cross but went to India and died in Kashmir, having lived to a venerable old age.”


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