Reviewing Benjamin Creme’s Books

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Reviewing Benjamin Creme’s Books
In our programme today (previously aired in July 2010) we will be taking a look at Benjamin Creme’s books through previews sourced both from the Share International website and through the following article by Diana Holland, a freelance journalist from Canada. Her article appeared in the magazine “Evolve” in early 2005. She writes:

“You could not curl up for an evening with any books more fascinating than those of British author Benjamin Creme. The Great Approach, for example (his ninth book) describes the entrance into today’s world of great spiritual beings known as the Masters of Wisdom. Creme explains, they are the custodians of a great plan for the planet, our elder brothers and mentors, and, with their assistance, we are entering a two-thousand year period of unprecedented progress.

The chaos and turmoil now occurring are the birth pangs of a new and brilliant civilization. The Great Approach describes in simple yet profound terms the implications of this great event, not only for humanity but also for these great beings themselves, returning as they do, openly, for the first time in 98,000 years.

What else but such momentous topics could you expect from the man who, for over thirty years, has spent his life as an ambassador of sorts, preparing the public and the media for what is arguably the biggest event in 2,000 years: the return of Maitreya, the Christ and World Teacher, the one awaited under various names by many religious traditions, who stands at the head of these illumined spiritual teachers.

This was the subject of his first book, The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, published in 1979. You might well ask on what authority Creme makes these assertions, and his reply is disarmingly candid.

He quips: “All joking aside, when a voice suddenly speaks to you in your head, clear as a bell, you listen — or at least I did,” adding that he was neither looking for, nor anticipating a telepathic contact as he stepped out of the bath one January night in 1959. But a voice spoke unmistakably inside his head; that of a spiritual Master living in the Himalayas he was told, and thus began their association.”


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