End of a Dark Chapter

8) SI Listener Ad August 2021

End of a Dark Chapter
“World events are moving to a climax. Soon, the peoples of all nations will realize that they are living at a crucial turning point in the evolution of the planet and, together, are making history. For some, the passing away of the old is fraught with pain and fear. This is inevitable as the outworn forms disintegrate in violent chaos. Much blood is being spilled now in the gestation of the new.

Nevertheless, for those who have the eyes to see, the most remarkable transformations are taking place across the globe which augurs well for the future of the race.”

Excerpted from the book  A Master Speaks

Share International NZ is currently running an advertisement campaign event. Each month we run a new Poster-size advert. with a relevant quote or statement excerpted from Share International magazine articles, books and resources. These excerpts are decided by the regional groups throughout NZ across the three main centres – Auckland/upper North Island, Wellington/lower North Island, Christchurch/South Island. We value this collaborative group endeavour to help disseminate information on the World Teacher and to broaden outreach. It’s also another way to connect with the general public and to inspire people with our Message of Hope 24/7

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End of a Dark Chapter
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