The World Teacher for All Humanity

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The World Teacher for All Humanity
It is very rare to read about a momentous event forecast for the future that is already taking place. In his preface to ‘The World Teacher for All Humanity’ Benjamin Creme explains that the book is based on the keynote talk at the Share International Network Conference near San Francisco in August 2004.

Creme says that: “It is largely a commentary on a number of articles written by my Master for our magazine Share International between 1987 and 2002,” together with questions and answers and a compilation of materials from public lectures given by Creme in Japan in 2003 and 2006.

This pertains to the format and provenance of the source materials, but the meaning of these collected pieces gains force when read from beginning to end. The book addresses not only the details of the planned return of our planetary Hierarchy and the changes that Maitreya’s presence will bring about. It also focuses on His advice to bring humanity to a choice between two courses of action.

On the Day of Declaration, Maitreya will invite us to choose either to continue with our present state of living (and hence head towards self-destruction) or, quote, “to accept gladly His counsel to inaugurate a system of sharing and justice that will guarantee a peaceful and prosperous future for humanity”.

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