The Art of Living

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The Art of Living
Our programme today features extracts from a keynote talk titled “The Art of Living”, given by Benjamin Creme, in August 2005 in the USA. This is an introduction to the subject and we’ll use more of this lecture in a future programme.

Mr Creme begins:
This talk is about the art of living. It is probably the most important subject one could be talking about, although the vast majority of people on Earth have no idea that living is an art. Since it is an art, it does not just happen by chance.

The laws and rules underlying the art must be understood and followed. Only then will we have a world in which all its inhabitants are living in right relationship, expressing their divinity, their potential Godhood. If we do not know that there are laws and rules, we end up as we are today and at all times previously, in a mess, a catastrophic situation, totally out of kilter with the idea of an art.

We are in a period of extreme disarray in our world – politically, economically and socially. We are all aware of it. Increasingly, the masses of people are becoming aware of it and are beginning to fret and feel the chaffing of these wrong structures, wrong laws, wrong habits – in other words, conditioning – and are seeking ways out of them. That is producing the upheaval which we see in the world today.

In education, we are taught to read and write, which, of course, is very important. We are taught a little bit of history, geography, arithmetic, mathematics generally, and that’s about all. We are taught to some extent, how to learn at least the concrete knowledge of our particular science or needed skill and that is all. We are not taught how to live, the art of living. There is no school where we can go to learn the art of living. It is a spiritual problem because the art of living is tied up with living itself.

We are living at an extraordinary time, a transitional period between two great ages, so that what seemed constant before is no longer constant. Knowledge that seemed certain is no longer certain. All we see is the past and possibly hints of the future, and we are torn, standing in the middle.

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