The Son of Man

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The Son of Man
Benjamin Creme gave a talk at the 1995 Transmission Meditation Conferences in San Francisco, USA, and Kerkrade in the Netherlands. His theme was based on his Master’s article, “The Son of Man”, which featured in the June 1984 edition of Share International magazine. We’ll read the article first and then Benjamin Creme’s discussion.

Many people await the return of the Christ with trepidation and fear.  They sense that His appearance will promote great changes in all departments of life.  His values, they rightly assume, will necessarily alter their ways of thinking and living and they blanch at such a prospect.  Besides, so mystical has been the view of the Christ presented down the centuries by the churches that many fear His judgement and omnipotent power; they await Him as God come to punish the wicked and reward the faithful.

It is sadly to be regretted that such a distorted vision of the Christ should so have permeated human consciousness.  No such being exists.

In order to understand the true nature of the Christ it is necessary to see Him as one among equal Sons of God, each endowed with full divine potential, differing only in the degree of manifestation of that divinity.  That He has achieved the fullness of that divinity is His Glory, and well may we stand in reverence at this achievement.  That this same achievement is rare indeed is also indisputably true.

But the wonder of the Christ for men is that He was one of them.  Naught there is, in the trials and sufferings of men, but He did know it.  Each step of the path that men still tread has He painfully trodden.  Nothing is there, in the whole panorama of human experience, that He has not shared.  Thus truly is He the Son of Man.

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