The Danger of a Return to Normal

33) The Danger of a Return to Normal

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The Danger of a Return to Normal
Today’s programme features extracts from a thought-provoking article by Felicity Eliot which can be read in its entirety in the July/August double issue of Share International magazine. Titled: “Why going back to ‘normal’ is the worst thing we could do”, she begins:

Writing in 1942, the Master Djwhal Khul (DK) in the book “The Externalisation of the Hierarchy” by Alice A Bailey, warned of certain dangers people needed to be alert to in the aftermath of the two world wars as countries began the task of reconstruction. One major danger, he said, which applies equally today, is…

“The danger of a return to so-called normality. The outstanding disaster which faces humanity at this time is a return to the state of affairs prior to the outbreak of war, and the rehabilitation of the old familiar world, with its imperialism (whether of empire or finance), its nationalisms and its distressed, exploited minorities, its vile distinctions and separative barriers between rich and poor, between the oriental and the occidental, and between the castes and classes which are found in every land – without any exception.”

As a hypothesis, I’m drawing a comparison between the causes and circumstances of World Wars I and II and their effects, recent developments in 2020 and 2021, and the appearance of a respiratory disease, now and in Atlantean times. In that forgotten era we were offered the opportunity to learn some valuable lessons: the Law of Cause and Effect; the power of thought and emotion to effect change – for good or ill.

Although the first lesson was presented to us in that ancient era, what we appear to have failed to learn is the fact of the essential Oneness of humanity and our social interdependence. Our media daily confirms our ignorance of, or failure to embrace, a simple fact: that what can touch one can touch all. Since Oneness is our basic reality, anything that works against that fact must have its unavoidable negative consequences.

Here we are yet again at a seminal moment in the world’s history. This raises the question of what makes the current situation different from the last 100,000 years or 100 years, for instance. What makes now so pivotal and gives us such an extraordinary opportunity for radical global change? And has the world ever faced the same or similar circumstances?

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