A Blueprint for Sharing

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A Blueprint for Sharing
Sharing is the theme of our programme today and we’ll be featuring articles revealing aspects of sharing not usually considered. We begin with one from Benjamin Creme’s Master who introduces us to: “A blueprint for sharing”. It featured in the December 2014 issue of Share International magazine, and begins:

When men consider the principle of sharing, they almost always see it in personal terms. They visualize a situation in which they, personally, will be expected to give away considerable sums of money to far-off people whom they do not know, nor care to know. In fact, the principle of sharing can only be organized as a global process.

There are several ways in which this could be achieved, either partially or totally. We, your Elder Brothers, consider that the following is the most practical, the simplest and fairest method of all, one which, if adopted, would satisfy the greatest number.

Each nation, We suggest, would be asked to make an inventory of all their resources and needs, what they produce themselves and what they are obliged to import. Then, each nation would be asked to put into a common pool that which they have in excess of their needs, forming a huge international resource from which all could draw. Naturally, the large developed nations would give a greater amount but all would donate their un-needed surplus.

This scheme appeals to us for its simplicity and fairness; it would, of course, take time to implement, but We foresee a time when it can be accomplished.

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