The Master Jesus (Part 3)

8) The Master Jesus (Part 3)

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The Master Jesus (Part 3)
Today we feature the final episode of our trilogy of articles on the Master Jesus and His work. Once again we are grateful to co-worker, Bette Stockbauer for her review (sourced from Share International magazine, August ’94) of the book “He Walked the Americas” by L. Taylor Hansen.

Before we begin, though, this is the Editor’s note taken from the end of the article: Benjamin Creme’s Master has confirmed that the Master Jesus did indeed teach for many years in Polynesia and North, Central and South America in the 6th and 7th centuries.

And in the December ’98 edition of Share International magazine this question was asked of Benjamin Creme’s Master: In the New Zealand book “Song of Waitaha”, by Barry Brailsford, the Waitaha claim that a being, whom they call Rongo Marae Roa, planted the seed of peace among their people. That is, they gave up the ways of war and lived harmoniously as a confederated nation of tribes. Was this “God of Peace” the Master Jesus? The answer was: Yes.

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