Maitreya’s Mission III & The Ageless Wisdom Teaching

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Maitreya’s Mission III & The Ageless Wisdom Teaching
Continuing on from last month’s programme, we have two more book reviews to share with you.
The first one, sourced from the May 2013 edition of Share International magazine is entitled: “The art of the beautiful” and is Carmen Font’s review of Maitreya’s Mission Volume Three by Benjamin Creme.
The beginning of life ahead for humanity is simple in its foundations but requires a deep inward look and right preparation. Maitreya offers a helping hand on what to pack for this auspicious journey, advising us on the essentials for the future and what we should leave behind because it belongs to the past.
Maitreya’s Mission III expands upon Maitreya’s priorities in its very first chapter. There are many nuances to the well-known “food, education, shelter and healthcare” basics, since in order to provide these essentials in a consistent manner, men and women must strengthen their sense of brotherhood through a political system that guarantees non-aggression and peace.
There is an indisputable “beauty” quality in Maitreya’s Mission III in every one of its chapters, to the extent that in every section and for most of its subject-matter the idea of the “beautiful” permeates the whole book. Life ahead will be beautiful, because Maitreya’s words here point at further internal developments within us that allow life to be not merely pleasant, but radiant.
The next review, from the October 2013 edition of Share International magazine, is by Carmen Font of the booklet “The Ageless Wisdom Teaching”, by Benjamin Creme.
Carmen Font begins by saying… Many travel the world looking for answers, others follow a path of religious instruction in search of enlightenment, and some delve into an arduous study of philosophies in the pursuit of knowledge. Any visit to a library or bookshop opens up myriad possibilities for the occasional onlooker or the serious researcher. Where is truth about life to be found? Is there any such thing as truth? And what is life, for that matter?
The Ageless Wisdom Teaching lays out the reasons why humanity is on planet Earth, what our purpose is here, and the actual process of growing in conscious awareness and, as a result, in happiness.
The Ageless Wisdom Teaching is a 76 page booklet you can read online or freely download and share the pdf file.
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