Maitreya’s Priorities and Teachings

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Maitreya’s Priorities and Teachings
The first and foremost task which Maitreya has set Himself is “to establish in our midst the fact of God”.  How does Maitreya, or anyone else for that matter, establish in our midst the fact of God?  Surely, this is something that the religious groups have been trying to do for thousands of years.  The problem for most people is that they have a completely distorted idea of God as this wrathful punisher of the unworthy, the sinners.  It surely cannot be to establish that same notion of God.  It must be to establish some other notion, closer to the truth.  Maitreya will establish the fact of the spiritual basis of life.  At the core of every individual, every aspect of creation, is a spiritual dimension, a spiritual purpose.

“To teach men how to love, and love again, is He among us.  To establish man’s brotherhood does He walk the Earth once more.”  That is the difficult one.  If He could teach men how to love then He would have established man’s brotherhood, because what prevents the establishment of the brotherhood and sisterhood of men and women is that there is little or no expression of love.

It is easy to love when there is no resistance to it.  But when you love somebody who does something that you do not like, it is difficult to go on loving.  In other words, we have reactive love.  This is very different from the total, unqualified, unconditional love of a Master.  The nature of the Master is to love, and the nature of Maitreya is to love as the Lord of Love.  He embodies the Love of God, the Christ Principle.

By the outflow of the Christ Principle through the hearts of humanity He is teaching us, not only the nature of God and the nature of love, but the ability to love.  He galvanizes humanity through the power of that love to transform the world.  This is precisely what He is doing now, from behind the scenes, and what He will do openly as He appears before the world.  This will establish the brotherhood of man.

But it takes more than that.  We have to look at the different stages of the establishment of brotherhood in the world.  First of all, there has to be peace.  Without peace, there is no world.  The first priority for Maitreya is the establishment of true peace in the world: the abandonment by humanity of war and the competition that leads to war.  This can only be achieved by fulfilling the needs of all the people.  Until the developing world can eat and grow and live decent, civilized lives like everyone else, there will never be peace in the world.

The first requirement for establishing peace is the sharing of the world’s resources.  The inauguration of the system of sharing is probably the easiest of all to accomplish.  It is difficult to teach men to love.  It is difficult to establish the brotherhood of humanity.  But it is easy to share the resources of the world; it is a question of distribution, nothing else.  The resources are there; the science and technology are there.  No one need go without.  Humanity has to accept a degree of oneness that will make it a normal and self-evident truth that the only way to peace is to share the resources of the world. ~ Benjamin Creme


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