Life After Death

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Life After Death
Today our programme features extracts from a series of three articles by Benjamin Creme on the subject of Life After Death. These articles were sourced from the October, November and December 1982 issues of Share International magazine. Benjamin Creme begins:

One of the great tragedies of our present outlook on existence is our attitude to that recurring event which we call death. We approach it, for the most part, with fear and loathing, seeking by every means to resist its call, prolonging, often beyond its usefulness, the activity of the physical body as a guarantee of “life”.

Our dread of death is the dread of the unknown, of complete and utter dissolution, of being, “no more”. Despite the vast amount of evidence gathered over the years by the many spiritualist groups that life of some kind continues after death; despite the intellectual acceptance by many that death is but an awakening into new and freer life; in spite of the growing belief in reincarnation; notwithstanding the testimony of the wisest Teachers down the ages, we continue to approach that great transition with fear and trepidation.

What makes this attitude so tragic is that it is so far from the reality, the source of so much unnecessary suffering. Our fear of death is our fear that our identity will be obliterated. It is this which terrifies. If we did but realise and experience that that identity is an immortal Being which cannot die or be obliterated, our fear of death would vanish.

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