The Restoration of Our Planet

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The Restoration of Our Planet
Today’s programme is about the restoration of our planet. Benjamin Creme’s Master (in His article “The Choice is Man’s) states that: “More and more, the planet’s precarious state of imbalance, created by man’s misuse, sounds a warning note which men ignore at their peril. The very breath by which men live is threatened, the air, polluted and poisoned, wreaks havoc on the lives of many millions.”

Benjamin Creme in his book “The Great Approach” says that:
If the environment is not restored, in a very short time there will be no civilization. There will be no planet. We have probably another 20 to 30 years in which to restore this planet to health.

We have to create a sustainable economy, one which uses only resources which are renewable and correctly husbanded for future generations. The present economy enjoyed by the developed world is completely non-sustainable. If we continue as we are doing now, there will be no forests; pollution of the rivers, the seas, the air, the land will be so tremendous that disease will decimate humanity. Pollution, according to the Masters, is already the number one killer in the world. It so diminishes the activity of the immune system that people succumb to many diseases.

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