Manifesto for a Political Emergence

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Manifesto for a Political Emergence
Today’s programme is based on an interesting article which featured in the May 2018 edition of Share International magazine. The article is titled “Manifesto for a political Emergence” by Sophie Grandguillaume (a linguist specializing in classical and biblical languages based in Rome). She begins…

We are on the eve of great changes. The Emergence of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Masters of Wisdom, makes possible the transformation of the ancient world into the new. How can this transformation be achieved? In this article we will try to present the different stages which could accompany and facilitate the creation of the new civilization.

Let us of the Spiritual Hierarchy, which is to say the coming, the return of the Hierarchy to the outer, everyday world. In this context, it is reasonable to question the way in which people, life, perceive and receive this return. How can we first consider the in everyday Emergence as a political act. What is the Emergence? It is the externalization ensure that the “reception” is correct and unfolds under the best possible conditions?

To answer this question we need to consider here the idea of politics. What is politics? What constitutes a political act? Politics is everything that relates to the Polis [the ideal city-state], to society, to the organization of that society and life within it.

The history of humanity shows us that there are two types of politics: that which aims to separate people and that which aims to unite people. We have always been forced to choose between these two forms. We can observe that man has followed the path that separates, even though it has tried throughout history to establish societies in which they endeavoured to live according to the Laws of Unity. What has humanity lacked that would enable it to live according to the Laws of Unity?

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