Benjamin Creme Interview Transmission Meditation

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Benjamin Creme Interview – Transmission Meditation
Benjamin Creme says: Do you want to help the world and build a stronger connection with your own spiritual nature? Transmission Meditation is the simplest way to do both – at the same time.

He goes on to say:
I can assure you that there is no more potent service that you can give so easily, with such little expenditure of effort, to the world. Nor will you find a technique of personal growth so potent, so far-reaching, for such little effort. In one year of consistent, intensive Transmission Meditation, you can make the same kind of advance as in 10 or 15 years of personal meditation.

That was sourced from the web site Share International 
Also from this website we present this audio clip of Benjamin Creme’s interview with Rolin Olson from 1989 all about Transmission Meditation.
Transmission Meditation – Introduction and Instruction videos
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