Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age

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Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age
What activity could be more suitable for the Aquarian Age principles of synthesis and group work than a group meditation, open to all, that facilitates sending transforming spiritual energies to the entire world for the good of all? The primer of this Aquarian work is Benjamin Creme’s book Transmission: A Meditation for The New Age. It is a handbook for those ready to integrate meditation and service into their lives.

Many Transmission Meditation groups have already formed around Creme’s historic announcement that the World Teacher, awaited under different names by all traditions, religious and non-religious, and His Group, the Masters of Wisdom, have returned to the modern world to teach us. In these groups, people from all backgrounds have found a door through which they can step on to a path, the life of service to the world, that at the same time transforms their personal lives.

For those approaching this information for the first time, Creme discusses concepts such as the fact of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters; that all is energy vibrating at one level or another; that there is immense power in thought; that there is value in living in rhythm and with discipline; and that there is a self-created path that can open before the student. Thus the reader can find new emphasis on the inner life just being discovered.

Through Transmission Meditation one aligns with one’s soul, the Master within. The urge to meditate, however tenuous, Creme says, is really the soul’s call for contact with the man or woman in incarnation, and meditation is the “royal road” to developing that contact. More than one person has wept openly with joy having discovered and experienced this unique meditation.

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Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age 

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