The Seven Rays

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The Seven Rays
Today we’ll be reading extracts from a series of three articles by Benjamin Creme which featured in Share International magazine during January, February and March 1983, about The Seven Rays which govern all life, terrestrial and cosmic. Mr Creme begins…

Modern exoteric science has proved the ancient and fundamental esoteric axiom: there is nothing in the whole of the manifested universe but energies, in some relationship, each vibrating at a particular frequency. The esoteric science postulates seven such streams of energy or force, whose interaction, at every conceivable frequency, creates the solar systems, galaxies and universes.

The movement of these seven rays, in spiralling cycles, draws all being into and out of manifestation, and colours and saturates it with their own individual qualities and attributes. This is as true for a grain of sand as for a man or a solar system. Each is the expression of a Life.

As far as this solar system is concerned, these seven energies are the expression of seven great Lives embodied by seven stars in the constellation of the Great Bear.

In our system, one of these Rays, the second Ray, is focused. The other six rays are, therefore, sub-rays of this basic ray. The manipulation, by our solar Logos, of these subdivisions creates every variation of life within His system.

So complex is the subject of the Rays, so pervasive and all-embracing is their influence, that it will be possible, in this and future articles, to skim the surface of their action only, and to show something of their relevance to our lives and relationships. The aim will be to demonstrate the value of knowing the qualities of the Rays governing ourselves and our nations and in this way to stimulate the reader to enter into a deeper study of these forces which, on every plane, condition our nature and make us what we are.

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