Maitreya’s Mission I & II

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Maitreya’s Mission I & II    
We have two book reviews to share with you. The first one featured in the March 2013 edition of Share International magazine. Entitled “Maitreya’s mission is our mission” Carmen Font reviews “Maitreya’s Mission” Volume One, by Benjamin Creme. It begins:
Thomas Edison (1847-1931), who gave us the light-bulb, once said that quote: “opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”. Unquote.
Too often we tend to believe that the greatest breakthroughs in human life are in most cases the result of ‘genius’ and ‘chance’. Even though these two factors play a role in every achievement, hard work is always a prerequisite. Working consistently, with a focused and sincere intention, provides the necessary energy to invite an ‘opportunity’. By responding to a window of opportunity, we participate in the creation or the unveiling of an achievement. The bigger the achievement, the more effort it demands.
Benjamin Creme’s third book, “Maitreya’s Mission” Volume Two is the subject of our second book review by Carmen Font which featured in the April 2013 Share International magazine. It’s entitled “Every cause has an effect” and begins:
Many concerned citizens were looking for answers in 1993, amazed at how the world was going through major changes in the political and economic fields: the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the dismembering of former Soviet republics; the end of apartheid; and the beginning of a deep and wide-spread economic crash that had started earlier in Japan.
“Maitreya’s Mission” Volume Two not only catered for the information needs of readers preoccupied with current affairs, but also provided a framework and a context in which the deeper causes of these events could be clearly understood. If we were to capture the essence of the more than 700 pages of this volume in a single phrase, it could be: “Every cause has an effect.”
It is never too late to re-visit the wisdom of Maitreya’s Mission, since each re-reading is not so much a repetition as a re-discovery.
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