The Awakening of Humanity

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The Awakening of Humanity
A review by Carmen Font of Benjamin Creme’s book “The Awakening of Humanity”. It’s a companion volume to “The World Teacher For All Humanity” which was featured in last month’s programme. It begins:

There is much talk in the media that the current economic crisis in the world is awakening humanity to different approaches to reality. Many refer to a new political consciousness, where various groups of people practise renewed forms of activism and come together to tackle specific problems in the economic or the social field. This raising of people’s power can be compared to the awakening that Benjamin Creme says that humanity will experience on the Day of Declaration.

The working out and meaning of this Day is dealt with in detail in Benjamin Creme’s book The World Teacher for All Humanity. But the immediate and lasting effects of this event are the focus of further attention in the ‘companion volume’, The Awakening of Humanity.

The book begins with the author’s preface, in which he reminds us of the essential events of the Day of Declaration and their significance. This is followed by a reprint of the article ‘To serve anew’ by Benjamin Creme’s Master, in which among its invaluable insights we read that “suddenly, men will realize that their life till now was a shallow thing, lacking, for the majority, all that makes life dear: brotherhood and justice, creativeness and love”. These words by the Master capture the essence of this awakening that will take place on the Day of Maitreya’s full public emergence.

Book by Benjamin Creme (free download) The Awakening of Humanity 

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