The Basics of Esotericism

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The Basics of Esotericism
Today our programme features two articles from a series titled “The Basics of Esotericism” written by Aart Jurriaanse, a South African author, who has written a number of books based on the teachings of Alice A. Bailey. The first article is called “Nature and its Kingdoms” and was sourced from the July/August 1983 double issue of Share International magazine. The second article is called “The physical body” from Share International magazine, September 1984.

Our existence would be so much richer, more interesting and complete, if a deeper perspective could be gained of the factors and influences which from day to day determine the course of our lives. Let us therefore consider some aspects of Nature and see whether a general picture can be sketched of the role it plays in our lives, and how some of its major components fit together and complement each other.

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