Hidden Energy

37) Hidden Energy

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Hidden Energy
Today’s programme is titled “Hidden Energy” and is taken from the transcript of an interview with Jeanne Manning by Felicity Eliot (chief editor of Share International) which featured in the September 2021 issue of Share International magazine.

Jeane Manning is an author and investigator of new science, who set herself the task of exploring some hidden or perhaps not so hidden secrets of the universe. She wanted to discover what lies behind the surface of things; she had intimations that there’s more to life and to nature than a superficial look might suggest.

Her open-hearted and open-minded approach to life is to observe closely and then to dare to ask “What if….?” She’s a superb ‘translator’ of what otherwise could be inaccessible science. In her latest book (co-authored with Susan Manewich) ‘Hidden Energy: Tesla-inspired inventors and a mindful path to energy abundance’ she opens up a new world to the reader. What we learn is that we could clean up our planet and create a brilliant new healthful and harmonious civilization within our lifetime.

Felicity Eliot interviewed her for Share International in April 2021. Unfortunately due to time restrictions we can’t read it in its entirety. Also please note that when we say “SI” we’re referring to Share International and when we say “JM” we’re referring to Jeanne Manning.

Book information:
Hidden Energy: Tesla-inspired inventors and a mindful path to energy abundance

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