The Sword of Cleavage

3) The Sword of Cleavage 9 July 2022

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The Sword of Cleavage
The topic of today’s programme is the Sword of Cleavage and is the title of the following article by Benjamin Creme’s Master. It’s just as relevant today as when it first featured in the October 2014 edition of Share International magazine. It begins:
Many people believe that despite the presence of Maitreya in the world, everything is becoming more threatening and unstable than hitherto. They wonder what Hierarchy is doing to ease the many problems and difficulties that leave them afraid and unprepared for the heightened tension of today.

The truth is, the world is being prepared. In times of great tension and change, people look at problems with a limited view – which they inevitably have – of the true state of society. Humanity imagines that all these events have the same impact and importance for the future, whereas the true view, which only the Masters can see, is altogether different.

The Masters see the happenings as if occurring on a flat plane, and as potential only. They know that some will precipitate and effect world change, while others will simply wither away without any precipitation at all. Humanity, with its limited vision, sees all these events as bearing on their future but this assuredly is not the case.

From the Masters’ point of view humanity has never been so ready for the new world that the future will bring. It has never been so near a time of inspiration and readiness to work for the common weal.

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