Ancient Prophecies for Modern Times

43) Ancient Prophecies for Modern Times

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Ancient Prophecies for Modern Times
Today, we’ve found a couple of articles from previous editions of Share International magazine which are relevent to today’s troubled times. We believe both of them provide a message of hope. The first contains a few unfamiliar names which we’re not sure how to pronounce, so bear with us as we stumble through them..!! It’s titled “Ancient prophecies for modern times” by Bette Stockbauer, and begins….

Although history has depicted native cultures as primitive and sometimes barbaric, in our own day a much richer picture is emerging. French author Pierre Honore minutely examined the original journals of the conquerors. There he found records of what they encountered in the New World — huge cities with urban populations well-versed in the arts and sciences, following finely ordered systems of law.

Archeological excavations of modern times have verified these accounts, unearthing sophisticated cities and pyramids that rival those of Egypt. Most importantly the native peoples themselves are stepping forward, revealing traditions and sacred knowledge they took underground 500 years ago when the conquerors came. They speak now because they understand the import of the present times.

Their sacred sciences tell them the world is at a turning point, that its choices today will determine the future course of civilization. Their prophecies have instructed them to travel out into the world and tell us of the dangers we face.

These voices are important for us to hear because they speak from hearts that have tried to remain true to their sacred teachings — to live in the way of brotherhood and simplicity, establishing harmony with one another and with all living things.

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