Transmission Meditation

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Transmission Meditation
As the energies of the incoming Age of Aquarius stimulate our hearts and minds, and as we begin to make contact with that higher aspect of ourselves, the Soul, we experience an inner prompting to be of service to others. Inevitably this brings us into contact with people and circumstances where this Soul stimulus can be put to practical use.

Service is most potent when performed in group formation. As this relates to meditation, it is known that far greater energy can be handled by groups than by individuals meditating alone.

What is the purpose of meditation? All of us, without exception, are souls in incarnation. The true purpose of meditation of any kind is to bring the individual into contact with his or her soul. Meditation is a method, more or less scientific, depending on the meditation, of bringing about soul contact and eventually total union with the soul.

Many people today take up meditation, desire to serve, but find they have very little time and energy left over from their everyday life – looking after a family, the pressure of modern work conditions, and so on. The stress of modern life makes it quite difficult for people to serve in a meaningful way.

There are many thousands of modern disciples or aspirants to discipleship who would serve if they could find a mode of service which would allow them the time to do the service, and also to care for their families, do their jobs, and take part in modern life. For just such people, Transmission Meditation has been created. ~ Benjamin Creme


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