Spirituality and Sharing

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Spirituality and Sharing
Today our programme starts with an article sourced from the very first edition of Share International magazine in January 1982. It’s entitled “Spirituality” by Benjamin Creme, and begins: “The word ‘spiritual’ does not refer to religious matters so-called. All activity which drives the human being forward towards some form of development – physical, emotional, mental, intuitional, social – if it is advance of his present state is essentially spiritual in nature. . . .”

In that statement, from “Education In The New Age”, the Master DK, I believe, focuses the complete shift in emphasis which must be made in our relationship to the world and reflects a completely new approach to activities other than the strictly religious.

He also said that the monopoly of the word ‘spiritual’ which the orthodox religious groups seized for themselves has been the greatest triumph of the forces of evil on this planet: the general view is that whatever is ‘religious’ is ‘Spiritual’, whereas all other activities are either profane or mundane.

So we can go to church on Sunday and spend the rest of the week forming the most corrupt, dishonest and irrational political, economic, and social structures and conditions. We have separated the religious life from every other aspect of our being and have relegated it to a limited role – ‘the inner life’.

This has allowed us in our outer lives to live corruptly and dishonestly and has resulted in the difficulties which now face the world, so that we now face the possibility of total destruction at the touch of a button. We have prostituted science, just as we prostitute every aspect of divine knowledge, to the mammon which is at the opposite role to our inner divine nature – a divinity which we have recognised only in religious terms and in the religious field.

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