The Art of Co-operation

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The Art of Co-operation
A book review by McNair Ezzard of Benjamin Creme’s “The Art of Co-operation”. The review begins:
A cursory assessment of our world shows a level of problems that appear insurmountable – poverty, war, hunger and environmental ruin. So entrenched are we in our conditioning to self-destruction an optimistic view of the future can be hard to come by. A better world seems as illusory as the morning mist disappearing in the sun’s light.
In his 10th book, The Art of Co-operation, British author Benjamin Creme counters this pessimistic view. For those who look to the future with dismay, The Art of Co-operation is a manual for hope – showing us what our challenges are and the steps we can take to overcome them. According to Creme, the problems we face are the effects of a dying system. The old political and economic structures are crumbling – but in the distance a new civilization awaits us. How do we get from here to there? The way, says Creme, is through co-operation.
Unity and co-operation – synonymous ideas that reflect the divine will. When we co-operate, we create unity. When unity is being realized, co-operation is the natural result. Both lead to the same end – a life without division, a life where sharing and justice are realities. For when we live in unity, when we co-operate, the needs of the separate self are no longer as important. The needs of the group, the needs of the larger whole prevail.
Co-operation and unity are our strength. They are the way of the future. To gain them is to have hope. To lose them, is to do so at our peril. British philosopher Bertrand Russell once said, “The only thing that will redeem mankind is co-operation”. Benjamin Creme’s book, The Art of Co-operation, shows us that this is truly the only way forward.
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