Time For Universal Basic Income

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Time for Universal Basic Income
In today’s programme we start with two articles from the May 2020 Share International magazine, both emphasizing the opportunities the coronavirus crisis brings with it, seeing the resilience and innate kindness that is flourishing in the gloom.
Wanja Amling, a Share International co-worker based in Bonn, Germany, wrote this article for Share International titled “Kindness Born of a Crisis. ”

A host of governments across the globe have declared ‘war’ on the outbreak of Covid-19, each calling for a collective national effort the like of which has rarely been seen before. While the virus grinds much of public life to a halt, World War II has become the go-to comparison for the current battle against a deadly germ. Both are crises that affect the whole of humanity; both show us that there is only one humanity and therefore only one solution.

A crisis brings out the best and the worst in people. While unthinkable atrocities committed by the Nazi regime bear witness to men’s gruesome depths, we also saw evidence of the best in humanity at that time. Reactions to the new virus have likewise run the gamut from pernicious individualism to genuine acts of kindness that work for the amelioration of intolerable conditions and pave the way for radical transformation.

Our second article, titled “The time is now ripe for Universal Basic Income” written by Elisa Graf, a Share International co-worker based in Steyerberg, Germany. She begins… Who could have predicted in January that by March it would be the end of the world as we knew it? With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic everyday life has come to a standstill in nearly every corner of the world.

On every continent people are staying home, potentially for extended periods, as half the world’s population [as of the end of March 2020] adheres to quarantine and self-isolation requirements needed to halt the spread of the virus – and this is leading to dire financial consequences for those employed, as well as the many millions of self-employed. All aspects of modern life reflect uncertainty, while financial experts have suggested that the global economic downturn may be deep and lengthy.

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