Jesus and His Times

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Jesus and His Times  
There are few studies in the world as fraught with intangibles as are those of the career and thoughts of Jesus Christ. Even though He is the most studied personage in Western civilization, scholars are still plagued with questions about practically every aspect of His life.

Each new book portrays Him in a different light. Some see Him as God and some as man. Some paint Him as a political revolutionary, some as a meek and beneficent teacher. Still others claim He was purely mythical and question His very physical existence.

The purpose of this broadcast is to look into His times and investigate the challenges which He faced as a highly evolved human being living in a world on the verge of vast and tumultuous change. His era was one of the bloodiest, most greed-filled epochs of recorded history, His own Jewish people a fragmented society. As a man of intense power and charisma, He became a focal point for both raging hatred and intense love.

In contrast to the highest divinity with which He is endowed by the Christian churches, this broadcast will emphasize His humanity, because, as a third-degree Initiate approaching the fourth initiation of renunciation, He was not yet totally free of earthly conflict.


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