Education in the New Age

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Education in the New Age
In today’s programme we will be featuring articles on Education in the New Age.  We’ll begin with extracts from Benjamin Creme’s writings, followed by a transcript from an interview with Mr Creme’s Master by Patricia Pitchon, and ending with an article by Carol Joy.

Benjamin Creme states that…
Great new spiritual energies in great potencies are pouring into the world on a daily basis.  This is transforming human consciousness including the consciousness of young people.  Young people are sensitive.  They feel themselves to be souls in incarnation, and yet everything they experience in their family, in school, and in the streets seems to be totally materialistic.

It is against the very nature of the soul.  The soul is oneness, wholeness, seeing humanity as one.  But the child goes to school to compete with other children, to be the best, the very opposite of the nature of the soul.  Schools are not there to prepare children for life.  They are there to prepare children for business.  Business has taken over all life.  That is why children don’t want to go to school.  It is called commercialization.  Education and healthcare are run as if they were businesses.  They are not businesses, but services absolutely essential to evolving human beings.

Today, most education, for what it’s worth, is education for jobs.  People are simply fitted to make their living in the outer commercial world under the whip of competition.  This will change.

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