The Great Approach

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The Great Approach
A review by Carmen Font of Benjamin Creme’s book
“The Great Approach: New Light and Life for Humanity”.
The fact that Maitreya and the Masters are externalizing in the world is a brilliant piece of good news. Whether it comes as a welcome surprise for some, or is understood as the logical consequence of the state of humanity today, it is a simple truth that can be accepted by everyone – regardless of their background or age.
However, the simplicity of this event does not imply that the process of Emergence is an easy one. Sometimes, in their zeal for positive change, individuals from audiences around the globe ask why Maitreya and the Masters are “taking so long” in their public emergence.
Even though Benjamin Creme in his lectures and in the magazine Share International has explained the gradual process of Emergence that is already taking place – the series of television appearances with Maitreya reported since 2010 stand out in this regard – people are often anxious about the date for the Day of Declaration. “What are Maitreya and the Masters waiting for? The world is a mess, we need them!”
This sense of urgency, if properly managed, can be useful to trigger us all into action to participate actively in the process of making known Maitreya’s reappearance. At the same time, this kind of comment often reveals a lack of understanding of the complexity of this event. How is it that something so immediate and easy to grasp can be so complex at the same time?
A comprehensive response to this and many more questions related to the development of Maitreya’s emergence is given in Benjamin Creme’s “The Great Approach.” This is the last of his four main books devoted to a full account of Maitreya’s mission, and is another treasure trove.
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